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Sunday, August 8, 2010

FAIL!!!... Saturday Crafts with Kids

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Okay my bloggety blog readers I want you to know that I read a lot of blogs everyday and very rarely if ever do I see anyone post their failure... Well, I am here to tell you that as a crafter I do have my share of failures, ok... well maybe more than my share.  I want you to know I am real and certainly no Martha Stewart (she has others that fail for her before she can fail herself) and I have failed....

I came up with what I believed to be a brilliant idea yesterday for my Saturday Crafts with Kids... I thought that I would have my little girl do some artwork and I would make it into jewelry that would be super awesome and spectacular for myself and my mom (maybe as her Christmas present Note: Mom if you are reading this please ignore that last sentence) 

The artwork part that the 4 year old was doing worked out fine. I knew it would look like 4 year old art work and that is exactly what I wanted!  Notice I had her drawing with a fine Sharpie so she could write her name on the art here is where my thought process started going wrong....  I still feel that I was super brave giving her a Sharpie to play with....

Here are the materials that I was going to add to her artwork to make the pendant.  A glass tile and glaze. 

So I added the glaze to the glass pendant  added her artwork then added the glaze to the back of the artwork .

Here is where the fail began.... the marker on the paper started to run... I had thought this might happen before so that is why I let her use the sharpie thinking it was a permanent marker and this wouldn't happen.  Well, it did...

Here is what it looks like after the glaze has dried... I still like it simply because she made it and she had to go back and add the last two letters of her name above where she was writing it because she couldn't make it fit...but I hate that I ruined it in the end....  if you look there is bleeding around all the edges.

Lesson learned:  next we will use crayons to make tiny artwork she just won't be able to write her name with them in the small workspace.


Maggie said...

That is an absolutely adorable idea - what a fabulous holiday gift for grandparents.

I wouldn't call that a fail, just an experiment towards a perfect final product.

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