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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lamp Makeover

I walked by this lamp the other day and couldn't believe how long I had let it go on being this ugly.... It needs a makeover...

Lamp Before

I think I might have everything it needs.  A can of flat black spray paint, painters tape, Fabric to cover the shade ( surely I can find something in all that fabric I have). 
I set out that very moment to paint the lamp. First I wiped it down with a cloth... (Note: do a really good job of wiping it down it seems I missed a spot that I had to go back and sand and paint again because it had some goo or slick something on it probably left over from some toddler mishap). I used the painters tape and taped off the socket and the cord so I the over spray wouldn't get on them.
Ready to paint
Then after the little goo mishap I sanded that spot down and painted it again.

Now the lamp shade.  Sorry I don't have a before of the lamp shade except for the ugly before picture at the top of the page. I soon found out that it really needed help while I was looking at it the binding around the top and the bottom of the shad just fell off in my hands.  Well, that helps...  At first I had decided on using burlap to cover the shade.  So, much for the fabric stash.  I don't have any burlap YAY! off to shop for fabric... When I got to hobby lobby burlap happened to be on sale! (another YAY!), except they don't have the natural color I wanted.  So, I looked around and decided on the unbleached natural muslin.  I am going to just cover over the existing fabric on the shade.
I put the lampshade on freezer paper and traced it while turning the shad so I would have the shape I needed to cut the fabric.  I went back and added a half inch to both the top and the bottom so I could turn the edges in when gluing it on the existing shade. I cut out the freezer paper pattern and ironed it on my fabric so it wouldn't slip around while trying to cut the fabric.

freezer paper pattern ironed on muslin fabric

I cut out the fabric and removed the freezer paper.  Using fusible tape I ironed a hem on one edge (just the edge that would be on the outside. I was covering the raw edge where I started with the finished hem.  I used my scissors and made a little snip every two inches in the fabric that would be on the bottom of the shade(I did not make the snip more than a half inch long because that is what is going to be turned under) .  I did the same snips in the fabric that would be around the top of the shade but I did them every inch.   Next, I broke out the glue gun.  I glued down the raw edge from the top of the shade to the bottom.  I then folded under the fabric on the bottom (between two of the snips I made )and glued it on the inside of the shade. I proceeded with this until the bottom was completely glued all the way around the shade.  I then started with the top. While gluing the top I smoothed the fabric and pulled it tight while gluing it so it would look nice.  Sorry no pictures of this step.  I did a lot of mumbling dirty words under my breath while getting hot glue burns on my fingers...  Here is the shade on the painted lamp.

painted lamp and recovered shade

unbleached natural muslin covered shade

Humm... It still needs something.  Off to the craft closet to see what I can find to help the shade out. Ah Ha... twine, in the natural burlap color I originally wanted.  Get out the hot glue gun again... I wrapped the twine around the bottom of the shade several times gluing it as I went.  I did the same around the top and then I went back and added the twine flowers.  What do you think? 

finished lamp

close up of finished shade

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturday Crafts for Kids - Hand Puppets

I am a couple of days late on posting this but we did actually do this craft on Saturday.  I am going to try to dedicate at least two posts a month to "Saturday Crafts for Kids" 

Individual sized cereal boxes
craft foam
glue (note: we tried glue sticks but they just don't work well with craft foam. We ended up just using white Elmer's glue)
googly eyes
pom poms

First,  I cut the cereal box I cut across the middle of the wide side and two of the short sides with an x-acto knife. DO NOT let your kids do this part.  I stabbed myself several times and I am supposed to be the adult in this project.  Then, cut the foam to make whatever you choose for your puppet.  Imagination is what it is all about... We considered making friendly monsters, animals, people, etc...  Shown here is our dog that we made.  We also did a pig but he is a little creepy looking.  I am sorry we don't have more pictures of the actual process but while the two of us are crafting it normally looks like a craft tornado.

Front view... we haven't named him yet

Side View

I think you could actually take some more effort and paint the boxes before adding the craft foam, but we like the way he turned out.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beautiful share a yo-yo quilt / coverlet....

I just had to share this with all of you... Every year at my family reunion someone in the family makes a quilt.  The quilt is raffled off and we also have a craft store where everyone brings handmade items to sell.  The money from the quilt raffle and the store is put toward the expense of the reunion next year. 

Anyway...  Last year my mom and my great aunt decided to make one with yo-yos to be the item for the quilt raffle.  Technically it is not actually a quilt it is a coverlet I guess.  I can't remember the actual number of yo-yos that are on the coverlet but we believe there is over 30 yards of fabric that was used in making the yo-yos.  I think it is just beautiful and I am completely amazed at the amount of work that went into making all of those yo-yos.  Here are a couple of pictures.

Easy and affordable Mod Podged coasters

I always have trouble finding something to make as a guy gift.  Here, I have made some super easy and affordable coasters. 
4   4inch x 4inch tiles (16 cents each at Home Depot)
scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
foam brush
Clear Sealant Spray
3/8 inch self adhesive felt dots (not shown here)

First, I cut the scrapbook paper into 4 inch by 4inch squares with my paper cutter.  Then, one at a time I put a single coat of Mod Podge on the tile and placed a square of scrapbook paper on top of it.  I just used my finger and rubbed over the top of the paper to smooth out any bubbles.  Once all four tiles had the Scrapbook paper adhered, I went back and painted a coat of Mod Podge over the top of the paper. 

I allowed this to dry completely and added one more coat of Mod Podge over the top.  When the second coat had dried I sprayed them with several coats of the Clear Sealant Spray.  I then added the self adhesive felt dots to the back of the coaster.  I put one small felt dot on each corner to keep them from scratching anything that they were placed on.  Here is the finished product. I put them on a small metal easel stand I had and added a bow. Sorry for the blurry picture I will try to do better!

Whoo Hooo look what I found...

I actually recovered rescued these from the curbside before they were sent to the dump.  I have had them a while. I took this picture while they are still in their dusty spider webbed glory. I have several ideas on what to do with them.. Stay tuned for an update on how they turn out...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Here we go...

My first post... Well,  on this blog that is... This blog is all about my creative outlets.  I have been crafting since I was a small child.  I have always loved to go through the piles of my moms fabric, paint, buttons etc... basically, anything she would let me get my hands on.  My grandmother taught me how to use a hot glue gun and from that point on I thought I was a crafting goddess.  Ok, just kidding about the goddess part but I have used a many a glue stick in the hot glue gun and suffered the burns to go along with it.  Back to my Mom she is better than Martha Stewart ever thought about being...(just a lot more humble and not as popular) She sews, paints with both oil and watercolor, porcelain paints, makes jewelry, knits, crochets, and  has taken classes in basket weaving, cake decorating and numerous other mediums.  I am so jealous I wish I could do everything that she does.  So, I guess my point is that I come by crafting sort of naturally it has always been a part of my life.  I hope that the things I share here might inspire you.