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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Solar Powered Jar Light

Today I made this solar powered jar light to put out on my patio this summer.  It just took a latch jar $1, frosted glass paint and a solar powered garden light $3 at Walmart. I found the original idea at (a big thanks to Megan there for the great idea) . 

I took the latch jar completely apart and painted just the bottom of the jar with the frosted glass paint. I took apart the solar light and just used the solar cell with the light.  I glued the solar powered light to the bottom of the jar lid.  (Do not paint the top of the jar so the light will shine though to the solar cell).  After the glue dried on the lid and the paint dried on the jar I put it all back together and Tah Dah...  I just love it!!!


Country Mouse said...

Looks great!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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