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Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturday Crafts for Kids - Hand Puppets

I am a couple of days late on posting this but we did actually do this craft on Saturday.  I am going to try to dedicate at least two posts a month to "Saturday Crafts for Kids" 

Individual sized cereal boxes
craft foam
glue (note: we tried glue sticks but they just don't work well with craft foam. We ended up just using white Elmer's glue)
googly eyes
pom poms

First,  I cut the cereal box I cut across the middle of the wide side and two of the short sides with an x-acto knife. DO NOT let your kids do this part.  I stabbed myself several times and I am supposed to be the adult in this project.  Then, cut the foam to make whatever you choose for your puppet.  Imagination is what it is all about... We considered making friendly monsters, animals, people, etc...  Shown here is our dog that we made.  We also did a pig but he is a little creepy looking.  I am sorry we don't have more pictures of the actual process but while the two of us are crafting it normally looks like a craft tornado.

Front view... we haven't named him yet

Side View

I think you could actually take some more effort and paint the boxes before adding the craft foam, but we like the way he turned out.


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