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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hidden Treasure...

Can you see the Hidden Treasure in this picture?

Or this one (different angle)

One more try...

Ok... let me give you a little history and then I will reveal the treasure. 

My great aunt Dean will be 90 years old this week.  She has crocheted most of her life. I don't think there is any way to ever find out how many table cloths, afghans, doilies, etc... that she has crocheted over all those years. 

This is Aunt Dean in the center with her son and Daughter.  This was taken 2 weeks ago at our Family reunion.

Aunt Dean brought 3 garbage bags of yarn and thread to the reunion to give to my Mom.  She said that her hands no longer let her crochet and she thought that Momma might get some use out of it.  Much to our surprise found in those three bags were 3 smaller bags of crocheted flowers. 

What a treasure! Look at this it took me almost 2 hours to lay them all out on my table. (click the picture for a bigger view)

There are big ones and small ones and some chained together and some crocheted on rings

There are solid colored ones and some with two and three colors. 

There are some made with cotton thread.

some are made of yarn.

I can only imagine the countless hours Aunt Dean spent making all of these flowers.  I have been so in awe of all of them I have left them spread out on my table for a week.  Every time I walked by and stopped to look I found something I hadn't seen before.  They are just beautiful.  A real treasure.

Happy Birthday Aunt Dean.  Thank you sharing your treasure with us.


Netarie said...

I think your table of flowers is just beautiful, and the story behind it is just as lovely.

Lil Miss Red T-Shirt said...

How cute. Maybe you could sew some onto an afghan? Or decorate a pillow with a few? Maybe even make one for the aunt?

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